On a walk..

On a walk with Layla..tried to snap some pics, but I’m photographically challenged. But I did get a rather decent one of Canada Olympic Park.

It’s where some of the events for the 1984 winter olympics were held. Pretty sweet! Now, there are all sorts of things you can do there: bobsled, luge, zipline, mountain bike. I kinda wanna do the bobsled.

I think of Sanka and his egg every time I see the hill (if you don’t get the reference, slap yourself in the face then Google Cool Runnings. There, I posted a link for you instead. Sheesh.) So I’m saving my pennies. And finding my own lucky egg.

Some more classy pics. Hard to tell which is the animal, I am rather beastly today. I’ll give you a hint: I’m wearing the one wearing the hat.

I’m super happy that this has been a mild winter. Number one, because of the whole moving thing, and number two because it allows me to take Layla out and about. Gotta see what this city has to offer. Even in Boston, I felt like I saw new things every time I went for a walk. Crazy how I can go by things almost every day and never notice them.

Anybody have fun plans for this upcoming week? I might go to Costco! Sweet! Almond butter and veggies in bulk, whatta bargain!

3 thoughts on “On a walk..

  1. Great exploring blog and pics of you and Ms Layla!
    Have you given any thought to the “on-line PT” suggestion? What kind of custom plans would you be up to suggesting? What about mthly fee? You can individually message me on FB to discuss.
    In the meantime, just arrived in the Dallas TX area. Will be digging into the new job and looking for a new residence this weekend! Wish me luck!

  2. so jealous of your move. looks like it’s going to be a ton of fun exploring. and you get a blog/workout space? does your boyfriend have a twin or brother? lol

    finally launched my blog too. let me know what you think. i’m still too terrified to share it with the fb world yet.


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