Are you sore?

Any of you folks out there sore? Apparently I neglected to stretch after yesterday’s killer workout. Oy! The shin splints, however, are courtesy of the hilly walks Layla and I have taken the past few days. Without fail, I always get shins splints when I take her for walks. Whyyyyyyyy?! Ah well, it’s worth it. Layla gets her exercise and I get to creep in people’s windows (relax, it’s during the day so it’s way less creepy.)

What I have noticed on our walks is that a lot of people place their TV in front of their huge front window. People, I have news for you. If you need something to block your view or prevent peeping toms, buy curtains. There. Unless people find it design savvy to have passersby see your sweet TV hookups. I’m not going to look into it, I’m not that interested.

Oh, and I saw a house that looks almost identical to the one I was born and raised in in Irvine, CA. Not that you care.

Last night we had an impromptu fire. Tyler suggested it because winter’s practically over and he still has a lot of wood left (haha). What he really meant to say was “Jen, because I love you and I know how much you love fires, I’m going to start one for you tonight.” That’s what I heard, anyways.


I’m not holding a dark blob. That’s Layla. We’re working on a better lighting system for the family room.

No clue what’s in store for today. Some type of workout, some type of food, and maybe a funny story or two.

Question: What’s something that you do every day?
(besides brush your teeth. That should be done twice, anyhow.)

2 thoughts on “Are you sore?

  1. I’m sore! Please refer to this morning’s post.

    What do I do every day?
    – Go to the bathroom
    – Read other blogs
    – Post a blog
    – Put my nightguard in
    – Take my birth control
    – Eat
    – Workout (almost every day?)

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