Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho, It’s off to the mountains I go

Drove to Sadie’s house for my hair appt. She lives outside of the city, closer to the mountains. I tried snapping some shots of the scenery with my camera without looking, and I was pretty successful!

The mountains are there, you just can’t see them in the picture!

And now for my favorite pic of the bunch:

The mountains are so gorgeous! (Note: the sign posts 80 kph NOT miles per hour. Ugh, it fools me every time.) I keep meaning to bring my actual camera instead of using my iPhone camera.

After my hair was done, Sadie and I took Layla and Rooney for a walk. Layla sucks off the leash, so I was privileged enough to be dragged behind her. I say ‘dragged’ because the path was icy in most places, and apparently she doesn’t love her mother enough to SLOW. THE. F. DOWN. Thorns in my butt. Figuratively and literally.

Now I’m back home, starvin’ like marvin girrrrrrl, and I still need to squeeze in a workout. The challenges of being unemployed, I tell ya.

Ok, onto a real blogger-type post. I’ve seen a lot of people doing that A-Z thingamabob, so I figured I’d give my baby-bloggie a little more substance by filling it out myself. Here goes nothing…

A is for age: 25

B is for breakfast today: Chocolate protein oats

C is for currently craving: green veggies! Particularly broccoli and brussels!

D is for dinner tonight: fettuccine with fake cheese sauce (shh, don’t tell Tyler, but I’m mixing plain greek yogurt with nutritional yeast. It healthier, has way more protein, and he’s gonna eat because I made it!) and roasted brussels. Since I’m craving and since I have them.

Oh snap, looks like I added bacon!

E is for favorite type of exercise: Any kind of intervals. Cardio, strength, you name it. Kick my butt and send me home.

F is for irrational fear: swimming in water with fish in it. Lakes, ponds, rivers…gross. I’m oddly ok with oceans though. Bring it, Jaws.

G is for gross food: Seafood (I don’t want to swim with them OR eat them), Cauliflower, Whipped Cream. I know, you’re saying ‘whaaaaaat’ about the seafood, because you preach that crab or salmon or lobster is God’s gift on earth, but I beg to differ, and “whhhaaaat’ to whipped cream, because how can I not like my hot cocoa or brownie sundae without? Well, I can.

H is for hometown: Meh, not sure how to answer this one. Irvine, CA from ages 0-9; Concord, CA from 9-15; Glens Falls, NY from 15-18. I’m totally a Californian. Still don’t care for snow. Wait, I moved to Calgry whyyyy?!

I is for something important: I have NO debt. I repeat: NONE. Also, I am mindful of my spending (unless I’m at Lululemon) and appreciate what I have and what has been given to me.

J is for current favorite jam: Jam (the food): Fig Jam from Trader Joe’s. Jam (music): Nicki Minaj’s Starships

K is for kids: A 4ish year old Chocolate Lab.

L is for current location: In my workout room/office.

M is for the most recent way you spent money: Hair appointment.


O is for occupation: See above. Woof.

P is for pet peeve: Hearing people chew.

Q is for quote: Anything I say is quote-worthy. No need to pay homage to the words of others. Did I mention I am also sarcastic? (I can’t think of a quote now, and I couldn’t think of a quote for my senior year yearbook picture. I ended up using some Sheryl Crow song.)

R is for random fact about you: I can make pi on my forehead.

S is for favorite healthy snack: fruit, yogurt, nuts.

T is for favorite treat: Anything chocolate. I mean, anything. Or apple dumplings from Sutton’s back home (NY).

U is for something that makes you unique: I can write backwards just as fast as I can write frontwards.

V is for favorite vegetable: I love all of them except cauliflower. Maybe artichoke? Or brussels? Or broccoli? Or red pep? Ah, too tough to choose.

W is for today’s workout: That is TBD. Check the next post for the results.

X is for X-rays you’ve had: Broke my foot 2x and fractured my thumb once. Nothing too exciting to write about.

Y is for yesterday’s highlight: Painting the dining room!

Z is for your time zone: Mountain, YUP.


Letting that scrumptious dinner settle, then I’m off to conquer the W (today’s workout)

Pick a letter from the above and comment with your own neat-o info!

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