Dead Frogs

Hello there, my dear friends.

I promised a review of the beer Tyler and I sampled last night, so let’s dig right in

Dead Frog Brewery; Aldergrove, BC

(This is my own opinion, I have no been compensated for this review)

First up: Mandarin Orange Amber Ale

Tyler thought it was good and not overpowering. He could taste a hint of the orange. I found it to be a bit bitter at first, oddly with a nice aftertaste. We both agreed this tasted like a summer beer, even though the packaging says it’s seasonal.

Next up was the Nut Brown

Tyler classified this as a winter beer. We both thought it had a great nutty flavor and good aroma. It was an easy beer to slurp down, even though I would have initially thought otherwise. It didn’t have any bitterness to it, nor did it leave a bad taste in my mouth. I actually really liked this one.

Third, was the Lager. Now a lot of people generally steer clear of lagers because of it’s heavier connotation. However, it is actually a lighter brew than the pale ales! (not the color, which is how most people think otherwise).

Tyler and I were very excited to try this one. And it didn’t disappoint. It was light, crisp and oh so good. We both marked this as our favorite. (Trust me, those delicious cookies in the background had nothing to do with this decision 😉 )

Last was the Pale Ale

We both guessed this would be bitter and we were spot on. I knew what flavor to expect from this beer, as pale ale’s normally have a bitter taste to them. It wasn’t bad, but we had just come off our Lager high, so we were a little bummed.

Moral of the story: If you ever come across some Dead Frog, definitely give it a try, especially the Lager or the Mandarin. They have unique flavors you should try at least once! Mmmm Canadian beer…

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