Sunday Sweat Sesh

Just thought I’d share some bits of my workout today!

First, I started with a leg burner that I saw on Pinterest (thanks, Ashley! I found it on your board!)

Source: via Jen on Pinterest

I did that 2x through. I needed some cardio, so I did a quick 30 minutes of kickboxing (Give Me Everything, How Low, Ramalama, Get on the Floor, Beat It, Dun duh-duh, Enjoy Yourself, Down on Me)—-> for you CBC folk 😉

Then, I followed it up with another lower body burner I found on Pinterest

Source: via Jen on Pinterest

Last but not least, I finished up with some abs on the stability ball. I did a mix of

  • russian twists
  • crunches
  • planks, jackknives, pikes
  • side crunches
  • pass throughs
  • back extensions
  • roll outs

Did you work out today? What did you do?

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