I walk in KILOMETERS now

Layla and I went from laaaazy to insane today. We started off with breakfast in bed ( for me, not her. She slept).

And we watched Live with Kelly since she’s in Banff, Alberta this week. Ok, I said ‘we’ but I really just meant me. Again, the dog was sleeping.


See? Sleeping. And she’s quite cute while she does it.

I honestly didn’t sleep at all last night- I was too caught up reading Fifty Shades of Grey by E L James. Um, you guys, the book is borderline pornographic. Ok, perhaps it’s beyond that. Ladies: read it. Then decide for yourself how satisfied you are in your current relationship. For realsies, this book is intense.


After I caught up on some sleep (and Layla too) the two of us went for a nice LONG walk. It was 3.57 miles (5.74 km, I did the conversion. Plus it sounds so much longer and badass in kilometers. Like it was a race or something). Most of the walk was on the sidewalk in a residential area, but some of it was on a trail, where I was able to get some nice scenery pics.


..and just when I thought my dog was SOL for anymore snow to roll in this year, it turns out she also loves rolling in hay (hay is for horses!)


I then found the need to take a picture of this sign because it said ‘defecation,’ and I’m like 5 years old and laughed out loud at it.


More scenery shots:





So pretty.

I had a dream last night that I woke up and it was Monday morning and I was furious with myself for not having signed up the night before for spin class. I guess old habits die hard. But seriously, there is nothing worse than intending to make a class and getting stuck on the wait list.

That’s not a problem for me any more! I plan on whipping up a good dinner for Ty and I tonight then getting a solid workout in afterwards…more on that later 😉

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