Free laughs

I thought I’d share some rather……odd pictures of myself tonight. Just for a little laughy-poo. I mean, this iPad does some hilar shizzz. So, while I am laying here in bed, I decided to give the ol’ photo booth a whirl.

BUT FIRST, if you are a new reader, I must share with you a ‘normal’ picture of myself:

Ok, that’s not really normal. How about this one:

Ah, good enough. And now for the real treat of the evening: my funny shots. Put down whatever you’re drinking, sit down, and grab your Kleenex to wipe your laughter-induced tears.




Tee hee hee.

I need a good laugh….anyone want to share something funny?!?!?!
(I can only laugh at myself so much before I get a serious case of the shifty eyes from Tyler. Understandable.)

Back to food, walk and workout recaps later.

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