Day 2

In a hurry to get everything done at the instead before it’s off to the gym for course day #2.

Last night, Tyler and I enjoyed burritos from here

Yeah, that thing is Gigantor. Mine was a bit smaller


No, that’s not a glass of wine in the background. But if it was, it could have been some of this

And if I did drink it, it could’ve been quite delicious.

Layla likes burritos and red wine as well


Did a series of 8 tabatas this mornin just so I could get in a good sweat before siting in a lecture all day. The tabatas were

    Jumping jacks
    Jump rope
    Squat w/leg lift combo
    Hamstring extensions
    Sit upon a stability ball
    Hip raises
    Jog in place holding stability ball in front of chest

Not bad for 5:45am on a Saturday

Just inhaled some oats and coffee, whipped together a repeat bag lung and I’m off!

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