I whip my hair back and forth. and stuff.

Calgary. May 17, 2012: It is snowing. I’m not even going to tell you how I feel about that because I am pretty sure you already know.

But today is Thursday, and today I am going to tell you about things that I LIKE. (hint: not snow)

1. I like (maybe even love) this shampoo/conditioner from Organix


The conditioner doesn’t leave my hear super silky and smooth-feeling (you know, that feeling when you rinse it out and you’re all ‘ohh, I have the best hair ever!’ until you dry it, or style it, or go out in public) BUT it is still easy to brush through. And my favorite thing about it: MY HAIR SMELLS GOOD. Damn good. I don’t even have to wear perfume (let’s be honest, all I do is workout and walk the dog. I never put on perfume) Tyler comments on this stuff all the time. Which means: I flip my hair like this


whenever he’s near so he can get a whiff.

2. My dog. Yeah, I always love her- not just this week. But, she was modeling for me and I really want to share the pics. I did a side-by-side for your viewing pleasure.

3. Twitter.


I have had a twitter account for forever, but only used it for celebrity stalking purposes. Now, I pretty much use it for all my random thoughts and ideas. Since facebook switched me over to timeline, I am so over it. Get yourself on twitter and follow me @nutcaseinpoint! Do it. Now! Please?

4.Take a guess at this next one:

No, not chicken broth. Gatorade G2! (But only in fruit punch)

I’m not normally a sports drink type of person, but once the warm weather hits, and my workouts move outdoors, I crave this like you have no idea. Hence, the irrational text request to Tyler. The chicken broth was needed for dinner.

5. Last night’s dinner. Seriously. I never thought of cooking pasta in chicken broth/milk before. Genuis!

6. Similar to my everlasting love for Layla (See: #2), THIS GUY

On a side note: Mom, I wish you were here because I am really in a french braid-wearing mood. 

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