I really have nothing to talk about. I work out, I walk the dog, I cook…that’s my life. I started this blog to mostly stay connected with family and friends when I moved. But now it just feels ‘blah.’

Do I keep posting about my food? My workouts? My dog?

You tell me.


10 thoughts on “TBD

  1. My Vote is yes. These blogs keep me entertained. And i typically dont follow blogs.

    Do you have a little captain in you?

  2. Why whatever do you mean?! You have lots to talk about and share 🙂 You had better keep posting, how else am I going to discover new workout moves and cooking ideas? Thank you!

    Oh and I want those new balance shoes. Where did you get them. I have not been able to find them around here!

    • Aww thanks! One of my workout friends in Boston works for New Balance and she got them for me. I actually just saw a similar version at a NB store here…. They are the 890’s and I absolutely love them- super light!

  3. I love your blog! and love the workouts that you post… oh, and you always make me feel better about my lulu obsession and justify why it’s important for me to keep buying new stuff:)

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