And now, I rest

Who: Me
What: Relaxing
Where: In the tub
Why: Because I just got home from a Group Strength certification course at the Y and I literally worked out for 5 hours
When: Did you hear me? 5 hours

On an unrelated note; some pictures:

Best name ever for a garden center.

Tyler brought home some chocolate for me yesterday. Oh how I love him that much more.

My PR application was finally mailed Friday! It only took 4 months of blood, sweat and tears (mostly tears) to put together. And now: we wait. How long? The internets tell me 11 months. Ack

Yesterday’s lunch: an Amy’s rice and bean burrito w/ a strawberry spinach salad.

My summer makeup: Benefit Cosmetics You Rebel (tinted moisturizer), Hoola (bronzer powder), and brow pencil. I love me some Benefit, y’all. Then, a cream colored eyeshadow, Maybeline gel eye liner and Almay mascara.

My purchases from Amaranth Whole Foods. Yum!

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