A workout to do when you don’t feel like working out, but you know you should

Like the Young the Giant song, “my body tells me no/but I won’t quit/Cause I want more”

Yup, I did this workout this morning, and.it.was.a-muh-zing.


I did that in the front porch with Layla this am and I was smiling when I finished.

Wait, didn’t I just workout for like eleventy hours yesterday? Mmhmm and I was still itching to get my sweat on today.

After my 48 minute killer, I persuaded Twyla to come downtown with me to meet up with Jen for another workout. We ended up doing something mighty similar to my AM session, and we finished with a jog around the park and back to Jen’s house. She even brought her baby for the workout! Note to self: have a good baby like Kaitlyn to bring to workouts! 🙂

I’m off to watch Tyler’s football game, so it’s a short but sweet post for now. I hope to recap the Group Strength course I took this weekend sometime in the near future!

Ps: so mad I left my phone in my car while the four of us girls worked out

Pps: I finally got my health care card today so I’m free to start making free appointments!

Ppps: Bethenny Frankel’s new talk show doesn’t seem to be airing in Calgary. (unless you can prove me otherwise)

Pppps: sunflower butter came into my life this morning. I missed it so much, I gave it a hug. With my mouth.




Anyone obsessed with a particular workout/exercise right now?

Ps: anyone have anything they want me to post about?! Anyone??!!

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