For this and that

I need to vent.

I am frustrated. With my weight. My workouts. My friends and family being so far away. For feeling like a burden to Tyler. For not working. For not being able to work. For being alone all day. For talking to my dog because of being alone all day. For being afraid to spend money. For memorizing way too many commercial jingles and managing to somehow sing them around the house. Or when I actually do workout. For not being able to sleep at night. For not feeling like I can do anything in here or anywhere else while I am still in Permanent Resident Application purgatory. For not wanting to go teach my last bootcamp. For just about everything.

And now, I am going to go brush my teeth (I realize it’s almost noon), put on yet another pair of stretchy pants, and slowly drive downtown for boot camp. And I have no motivation. No ambition. Not now.

Maybe tomorrow.

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