I’m better now

I’m better now- in case you were wondering.

Working out really does help your frame of mind. We ended up doing a lot of uphill runs with intervals of lunges/squat jumps/side shuffles. At the top of each hill, we did a set of 20 tricep dips, 20 pushups and 20 spiderman planks. I got mucho sweaty. Then, I was messaging Tyler as I was hiking back to my car, and he tells me they had pizza for lunch. And I’m all “Ahhh man, I’m starving.” He goes “Are you still downtown?” And I go, “mmmmyup.” And he says “meet me at my building and I’ll give you the leftovers.” And I was allll “ba-wi-da-ba-da-bang-ee-bang OK”- and you can quote me. Because it’s super normal to have a great sweaty workout, then go completely out of your way for some free leftover pizza. But that’s how I roll.

Then, I get home, eat 2 pieces, and feel completely barfy. Today, of all days, my stomach decides it hates cheese. Whatevs. I busied myself with more venue shopping for the ol’ wedding. (That’s shit is crazzzzzy tough!)

And because I’m a lady, I waited until AFTER Tyler got home to whip up a batch of margaritas. I’m celebrating making it halfway through the week. It’s totally normal. (I really just came up with that. Having no agenda gives you ample time to make room for drinks. Now that I say that, I might need to make some rezzies at a rehab facility spa.)

Ok…I’m off to go lounge some more. I’m getting pretty good at it.


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