Small Shoppin’ MintedLane

Hey friends, happy Thursday! Today I am super excited to share one of my latest favorite small shops..MintedLane!


MintedLane makes custom teething necklaces that are stylish, functional and baby-safe! 

I had seen MintedLane online via Instagram, other blogs and Etsy and recently decided to take the plunge to buy some of her product for myself! (Ok, maybe it’s for Wes too? So that made it easier to buy😉 )


I had messaged Cheeky with my color requests and she was very quick in her responses and super accommodating. In my opinion, there is nothing better than prompt and friendly service- especially when you’re doing everything online!


The colors came just as I had anticipated and the beads are nice and soft (silicone) to touch which is perfect for little baby hands and teeth. Not to mention stylish for mamas!

I chose the Sophie (left) and the Averie (right).

What makes me even happier- the bangle actually fits over my fist! I was really happy with my design and color choices because the pieces can work with a lot of what I already have in my wardrobe.

Wes seems to enjoy them too! Purchase= success!




Good news–> Cheeky has generously offered you guys 20% off minimum orders of $10 with the coupon code JEN20 which is valid until Sunday, Dec 20.

I highly encourage you to go take a look at her shop and maybe even pick out a piece or two for yourself or any mamas/soon-to-be mamas you know! Thanks again, Cheeky!

Wesley Arlo- 8 Months

So old. I’m telling ya, the time just whizzes by. And now that I have an 8 month old, there is SO much we can pack into each day. I LOVE IT.


Ok, so what is this big boy up to these days? Well, he’s still in size 4 diapers but I think we’ll be upping him to 5s on the next pack. He weighs 22/23ish pounds (I try using the scale at home which never seems to be super accurate) and is about 28ish inches? Give or take.


He can now finally sit up on his own and I don’t have to be right behind him for support or backup. WOOHOO. Which means he can play with more toys- his car included. If you don’t follow me on Instagram you probably should at least check out my feed for some of the funniest videos of him riding his car. And the kid loves to dance. He wiggles around like a madman!


He eats A LOT. Boob 2-3x a day, 2 solid food feedings, some water, puffs and a bottle of breastmilk/formula before bed. Currently, he consumes about 3-4 squeeze packs of food. I’ve found this to be cheaper than buying organic and making it myself, especially with keeping a wide variety of fruits and veggies in his daily diet.


Naps. Woof. Those have been a bit trickier since he seems to have picked up on the cue that bringing him in his room and turning the white noise on means he has to sleep. He will eventually do it, but sometimes with a bit of a fight. Most times, he will fall asleep in my arms in about 5 minutes, but we have had to let him cry it out and then he’s out like a light! 2 naps a day ranging from 45 min to 90 minutes and on a rare occasion 2ish hours.


Bedtime= 7pm

Wakeup time=7:30am

These vary about 30 minutes.

Play: he no longer cares to be on his activity mat so that and his bouncer have been put away (sad face). If he’s not obsessively jumping in his jumperoo or jolly jumper, he’s sitting in the living room with his blocks, tables, walkers, stuffies, blankies and books.


He’s gotten a lot better at picking things up and transferring them from one hand to the other. And most everything goes directly to the mouth. The germaphobe in me dies a little each time.


Just recently, he’ll even grab the spoon from me to either A) help feed himself or B) fling everything everywhere.

Oh, and now that he can sit up on his own, he’s in the tub without the insert! It makes bath time way more fun for us and for him because he will splash and look around and play with some of the bath toys we have for him. And then not want to get out.


On shopping trips, I’ve learned after a few scream sessions that he prefers the ergo to the stroller and HATES when I try on shoes. <—Tyler must’ve taught him that.


He’s not as drooly anymore and still no signs of teeth.


Wes loved the doggies and pats them but neither of the dogs are big fans. Layla is still always nearby and comes in with me each morning to get Wes from his crib.


He talks A LOT.

And screams (for fun).

And bangs on the windows when we stand in front of them.

He makes loads of silly faces and farts really loud and LOVES looking at himself in the mirror and looking at pictures of himself.

He is the best kid ever and I love him more than anything and everything and all the things combined. xoxo


In case you missed it:


Hey there, happy Monday! How was your weekend? Ours was pretty good- Wes sorta got back to normal in his napping so that was a huge load off our shoulders. Phew! Backing up a couple days…

Friday: Not much during the day on Friday. Tyler came home with some new beers to try, so I had one with dinner (chicken fajitas!). Once Wes went to bed, we watched Ridiculous 6 on Netflix. It was ok- your typical Adam Sandler movie.

Saturday: After a low key morning and a long walk with the pups, we headed to the Y for the pool. I am really starting to dread it because the water is either cold or I am freezing once we get out! Poor Wes cried when we were changing afterwards because he was so chilly! Next week is our last class, so I’m trying to enjoy it while it lasts!

Once Wes went down for a nap, I went out to run some errands. By the time I got back, I had to quickly whip up an appy, bake cookies and shower before heading out to a Christmas get together with some other local blogging friends (Leigh, Brie, Jen, Ashley,  & Ange).

We did a gift exchange and I wound up with my own gift. WOMP. The one I originally chose was stolen (DRATS- I loved it!) and I felt bad stealing someone else’s knowing they’d get stuck with mine. Does that make sense? Either way, I think I’m overly bummed about it. Anyone want to trade gifts with me? haha


UGH. This makes me realize how much I hate my hair these days. Color it? Cut it? How do I *do* it? I am officially paranoid that it doesn’t look good anymore. Are you silently judging me? Photo cred goes to Jen

Sunday: Same old Sunday routine-> I got up with Wes, napped once Tyler got up, we watched tons of football, did laundry, walked dogs, blah blah blah. BONUS: Tyler made a cheesecake! It has to sit in the fridge overnight so I can’t tell you yet if it’s good or not but I’m about 1,000% sure I’ll love it.

Video from Jen Linton on Vimeo.

That’s it in a nutshell! Lots of Christmas movie watching and baking this week so hopefully more to report on that later!

Friday Facts

  1. This week has been rough! Not sure if I can pinpoint just one thing-> Wes has been fighting his naps; Christmas shopping is a b*tch; mailing things via Canada Post is the work of the devil; my body is sore/tired all over….I could go on and on. But I remind myself it could always be worse. So I’m thankful. Plus, Wes’s cuteness helps me forget all that.


2. My Christmas ornament from Shannon via the blogger swap came in the mail this week! I really do love it AND the hot cocoa she included as well. I told Tyler we need to throw some Baileys in it after Wes goes to sleep this weekend. (Unless I’m sleeping myself, ha!)

3. My work recently switched benefit providers so when I logged into my account through them online, I noticed I still had a decent amount of $$ left within my paramedical expense allotment. 30 seconds later, I had booked a 90 minute massage! I enjoyed that sucker last night and did NOT want to leave. I asked the therapist for full/deep pressure and she sure did deliver.


4. No GREAT meals to share this week. We had Slow Cooker Chicken Enchilada Soup on Mon/Tues, meatball subs on Wed (mine’s deconstructed because soggy bread= gross), and I had BAE after my massage last night.

5. Wes is mastering sitting up on his own! I hover LIKE A BOSS because I don’t want him to cry when he’s shocked he’s fallen over. And he now fits in his Teepeetotsandco mocs! I am really excited about this for two reasons: 1) I bought them this time last year when I had no concept of how big/small babies could be and thought he’d wear them as soon as he was born, 2) The kid needs something besides socks to keep his toesies warm during the winter!


6. As of this week, I have officially joined the my-coffee-is-always-cold-because-I’m-a-mom club. I can’t drink it HOT HOT, but then I always forget to drink it because I’m dealing with a baby who NEEEEEEEDS me.


(mug can be found here)

7. Most all of my Christmas shopping is done for the boys. I also bought us all Xmas jammies (shhhh don’t tell them) which are wrapped under the tree. WELL….the ONE present for me that is under the tree (the jammies) was attacked by the beagle. Darn dog. I have no idea why. He hates me? The clothes aren’t damaged, I just need to re-wrap them but I think it’s some sort of omen. Also, Tyler needs to do more shopping for me 😉 PS: You’re a mom when you wrap your own xmas present, amiright?

That’s just about it on this end! I’m sure there’s more, but I need to take a few more swigs of my (cold) coffee before anything comes to mind! Have a great weekend everyone!



Three Things Thursday

Hey friends! Happy Thursday! I’m back again this week to share a few of my latest finds. Without further ado, I’ll jump right into it!

  1. Raz Baby RazPack formula and snack container. I got one of these with a credit that I had and I LOVE it. There are three sections that can hold either formula powder or snacks and can be used individually or stacked together. The stack allows for you to use a small spout to dispense formula (helps prevent spills) or remove a side to easily access snacks. It fits perfectly in my diaper bag too which is a HUGE bonus.


2. Skip Hop Bento-Clix Mealtime Kit. I also got this with my credit and am really looking forward to using this. It’s pretty neat because the kit comes with six containers which can be used for snacks, meals or even baby food! It can also be kept warm or cold with the insulated carrier and freezer pack. I think this will be an easy to use carrier when Wes and I venture out for longer periods of time.


3. A-ha! A non-baby product: Live Clean Pink Fire color protect shampoo and conditioner. I needed more shampoo and conditioner and saw that these were on sale so I picked them up. It’s the same brand as the body wash/shampoo I use on Wes and I like it because it they use natural, plant sourced ingredients and are paraben free, yadda yadda all that good stuff. Plus, it’s at a pretty decent price point. And let’s face it, although I do wash my hair everyday- it goes up in a grody bun 99% of the time so I don’t really need (or want) to spend a fortune.


And…because I love ya, here’s a magical #4 bonus: my FAVORITE CHRISTMAS SONG OF ALL TIME–>