Woke up this morning…

Woke up this morning (for the win)
Made a breakfast wrizzap for Ty
Made oats for me. Shocker.
Caught up on my blog-readin’ skills
Noticed the pup in this pos-ish:

She was sleeping, but her eyes did open for the one second it took me to snap the shot. Here is her Donny Darko impression:

Aaaaaand a bunch of minutes later, she’s still like this:

Close your legs, Layla. It’s not lady-like!

I’m off to take a class at the Y called The Works, then I’ll probably go upstairs and do my own lil’ workout, depending on the intensity of the class.

I have made this week a no-sweets week because my black jeans are tight. I did accidentally throw them in the dryer the last time I washed them, but still, I’ve gotten a little lax on my foods and fitness. I just haven’t fallen into a workout routine yet! I miss Boston for that!

it used to be:
Monday: spin
Tuesday: kix and circuit training
Wednesday: core, total body sculpt, kix
Thursday: express core and express lower body, 30 min elliptical intervals
Friday: off
Saturday: cardio ball
Sunday: 60 min cardio of choice

Now it’s:
Monday: i don’t know
Tuesday: two of something, but I don’t know
Wednesday: mid-week crisis
Thursday: Jillian michaels would be mad if I didn’t workout
Friday: it’s the end of the week, but I don’t work, so it feels like very other day
Saturday: I want to hang out with Tyler
Sunday: pizza, desperate housewives, ice cream, yay! (but really, boo)

Note:I will not use this sweet-less week to moan and groan about it on my blog. I’m actually more excited about it. It’s quite easy, so long as I keep myself busy. Now excuse me, while I go get my busy on…

thoughts/tips to help me?! Thanks 🙂

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