I’d like to go to a fancy party

I have to start the morning off right. Look at this dress:

Ah, gorgeous! I think I could even pull it off.. Not that I have any reason to wear a floor length gown, but still. And then there’s my favorite part:

Woof, take a took at that back (not specifically Elizabeth Bank’s back, but the back of the dress) LOVE. I think one of the boards I have on Pinterest mainly consists of backless dresses. I have an obsession. Does anyone want to invite me to something fancy so I can buy one?! Pleeeeease…

Back on track, Jen, back on track. Today is Thursday! *duh* no different than any other day, BUT I’m having coffee with another American! Yup, I’m not the only one who has left the U.S of A. to be with their man. You have no idea how exciting this is for me. More importantly, I have plans. That’s right, something to get ready for. A brush my teeth, comb my hair event. We agreed to meet at a coffee place halfway between our houses and perhaps walk the park or browse some boutiques (she has no idea what a pro I am at browsing).

Just had myself another bowl o’ oaty goodness in preparations for today’s events.


I actually weighed myself this morning (pre-oats) and discovered that I haven’t gained any weight! I usually only weigh myself when I am at my parents house because I’m one of those people who could obsess over the number (cue: downward spiral). But Tyler just taught me how to use his scale (I’m too stupid to figure it out, apparently) and I thought I’d give it a go after this past months events. Woohoo! Jen’s a happy lady.

Question: What’s your relationship with the scale?

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