The return of the smoothie

I haven’t had one of these puppies in ages. Perhaps it’s because I tossed my blender in the move. Perhaps it’s because it had worn it’s welcome the last time I was in a Green Monster phase. We’ll never know. But it’s back, and I am happy.

A banana, 2 handfuls of baby spinach, 5 ice cubes and almond milk for the desired consistency. Mmmm I slurped it good. I slurped it real good.

Afterwards, I had a fever (and cowbell was not the correct prescription). So I laid down and read. I successfully got one sentence in and conked out. I had the kind of sleep where the sheets make a lovely pattern on your face and you don’t realize it until someone points it out (you’re usually in public, and it’s usually embarrassing). Sidenote: I used to sleep in my car during my lunch break at work in Boston. 99% of the time, I returned to my desk with a perfect imprint of my hand on my cheek. Super professional look.

I woke up and had to twitter my cravings. Twitter is a way better place to post your stupid thoughts. (Because all my smart ones go on facebook. yeah right.)

So, I tried to recreate the St. A’s coffee shop nachos as best I could. And I think I did a dang good job.

Good thing the little one is off the ‘no dairy’ policy from the vet. She gave me the saddest eyes ever, I couldn’t help but give her a few nach-ettes.

I made rezzies for Easter brunch! I can’t wait to stuff my face with waffles and bacon and assorted pastries. Not unlike any other day, but this time someone else is doing the cooking. LOVE. THOSE. DAYS. To be honest, I usually stick with fruit, eggs and whole grain toast. So I’m good during brunch. It’s when I open my Easter basket that all hell breaks loose. Cadbury Eggs (oh my!), skittles (I die!), Peeps (ahhhh don’t get me started!) and a big ol’ chocolate bunny (mmmmm drool!). This is the first year I won’t be with my parents for Easter. Kind of bummin’ that I’ll have to put my own basket together. My fave were the plastic eggs that had money…now I can put loonies in those suckers! Ah, but it’ll be my own money…so not fun.

Mom, if you’re reading, you know my address. Please send me chocolate and plastic eggs filled with money. I love you.

What’s your favorite easter candy?

Oh! And please follow me on Twitter @nutcaseinpoint! I need at least a small audience to read my daily rants. Congrats for reading the blog, but I know you want more of me.

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