Pyramid Workout

Today’s workout was inspired by this video (if you need an explanation for any of the moves, check out the video). Each move (obviously not the cardio) will be done once each, then 2x each, 3x, 4…all the way to 10.

5 min cardio warm up (I used the spin bike. moderate intensity for 45 sec, work for 15, repeat)

chest press, sit up w/bicep curl (1 chest press, sit up w/1 bicep curl; 2 chest press, sit up w/2 bicep curl..)

chest fly, sit up w/hammer curl

7.5 min cardio (45 seconds of moderate intensity, work for 15)

wide row to tricep kickback

close grip row to headbanger

10 min cardio (1 min moderate intensity, work for 30 sec)

squat w/shoulder front raise

deadlift w/lateral raise

The UFC (squat to knee drop) for 10

Plank up downs for 10

-repeat the UFC for abother 10 and planks for another 10

Cool down cardio (moderate to low intensity for 10 min)

This workout should take under 90 minutes.


I was an awesome girlfriend this am (pre-workout) and decided to slap on the final coat of paint on one of the walls by myself. Since it was so labor-intensive, I worked up an appetite and munched on a chia brownie with natural pb

I took a pic of only part of my hair this am to show you the natural curl I rock when I wake up with bed head.

If you saw the whole head, you’d think I had a lion’s mane. This picture actually makes it look quite pretty though. Anyone have tips on how to hold natural curl? I hate putting too much product in because it either weighs it down too much, it’s sticky, or it gets crunchy. And those are about the last two things I want my hair to feel like.


I thought this was a funny little comic. Reminds me that I really need to talk in kilometers now, because people are really looking at me funny when I say ‘Oh, you know, it’s about 20 miles.”


BIG NEWS: I’m thinking. I might. Put on. MAKEUP tonighttttt!

Peace, I’m out 😉

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