Fine Friday

While it feels like every other darn day for me, but for most of you…it’s FRIIIIIIDAY! End of the week. Go out tonight. Have fun. I’m staying in with the man to paint and watch TV. In a word: romantic.

I did manage to finally snap a few pics yesterday. Let’s start with the best!

Do I look fierce or what? Fast forward 20 minutes and I’m out for a walk with the pup- the pup who happens to have diarrhea- the dog who happens to have diarrhea while it’s windy- the dog owner having to carry said diarrhea in a poop bag in the wind- and it’s not so fierce.

We took a different route today and managed to hit some of the streets that are actually just around the corner. I am flabbergasted that EVERY HOUSE is different. When I grew up in CA, you could tell the different neighborhoods because the developer only had about 4 different models of houses. So each street looked identical; maybe some of the designs were flipped or something. But here, every single house is different. I have secretly been on a mission to find our house’s twin.

I made some fabbbb apps when I got back. I found the idea at Healthy Tipping Point.

Mushrooms stuffed with hummus and topped with cheddar cheese. Bake in the oven at 350 for 15 minutes. Yum!

Next, came dinner. Spinach salad with steak, strawberries, pineapples and poppyseed dressing.

Jen was happy.

I finally decided to walk to the Y last night for my workout. (My walk to this Y is shorter than my walk to the Oak Square Y in Boston! I didn’t think that was possible. But, oh, it is. This will help extend that tank of gas even longer!) Like I mentioned before,  I did an entire tabata workout. I found that this type of workout is not only quick; it helps keep me focused and motivated; and it helps me get in a good workout when the gym is absolutely PACKED. My workout looked like this:

2 cardio tabatas (heel taps for the first, alternating plank jacks and high knees for the second)

bicep tabata (one leg stand bicep curls- one foot on stability ball)

tricep tabata (tricep extensions and kickbacks)

8 minute tabata on the row machine (holy YES this was my favorite part)

lunge tabata (elevated; holding weights)

squat tabata (alternating between regular body weight squats and elevated squats)

2 cardio tabatas (jumping jacks for the first, alternating between up-downs and front kicks)

ab tabata (mix of crunches, russian twists, leg lifts and pilates pulses)

Done in just under an hour. Boom.


Breakfast this AM was a delicious and nutritious yogurt bowl. Haven’t had one of these in for-ev-er. I used my new-to-me Oikos

A sample box of Great Grains blueberry pomegranate cereal we got in the mail yesterday

and fresh strawberries to create this yummy delicious bowl:

So that’s what I’ve got for you on this fine Friday morning: food and workouts. Story of my life.

Anyone have any awesome Friday plans?

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