That just happened

I fully intended on taking Layla for a walk before Tyler got home. But SOMEHOW that didn’t happen. I cranked FIT Radio on my speakers while I was changing into my lulus


my butt started to wiggle…..

my arms joined in…….

and before you know it, I was dancing.

The dancing turned into kickboxing

Then the kickboxing turned into pyramids.

Pyramids that looked like this:

(each move is done once all the way through, then 2, 3, 4, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. for moves like the side lunge or front kick, you do one for each side and so on. get it? this is for all except the 3rd and 5th pyramid.)

Pyramid 1

Jumping jack

alternating front kick


side lunge

Pyramid 2


Leg lift

russian twist

Pyramid 3

10 jacks

10 double hops

10 high knees

(then 20 of each. repeat through 3x)

Pyramid 4

wall pushup

jump squat (reach to touch as high up on the wall as you can)

wall sit for 10 seconds (10 seconds here for each set)

Pyramid 5

5 side leg lifts

5 side leg push

10 side leg lift

10 side leg push

(do this 2x though on one side then complete a 30 second plank. do the same on the other side)

I am still pretty pumped up, so I think I might head over to the gym after I have a little din din.

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