10 questions

I’d like a little feedback on this post. Please take 60 seconds to respond. (If it takes you longer, you can just X out of it and I’ll never know)

1. What’s your favorite exercise of all time?

2. What is your favorite beauty product?

3. What is your favorite feature (on yourself)?

4. What is your current favorite jam (meaning a song, not something you spread on toast)?

5. What is your least favorite exercise (Like, if you’re taking a class and the instructor announces it, and you curse either out loud or under your breath)?

6. What is your favorite breakfast (that has ‘staying’ power)?

7. Have you ever taken a boot camp (If so, what did you love/hate about it)?

8. What is your favorite sweet treat?

9. Do you eat different meals than your sig. other to stay on the healthy track?

10. Make up your own question and answer it.


3 thoughts on “10 questions

  1. Running
    Clinique ‘stay matte’ face powder in my shade – ‘stay honey’
    Fave feature – my legs
    Fave song – Oh that always changes, but right now at this very moment it’s ‘Crew Love’ w/ Drake feat. The Weeknd
    Least fave exercise – Mountain climbers!
    Fave filling brekkie – Oatmeal w/ peanut butter, honey and chia seeds
    Yes, I’ve taken bootcamp, love the challenge it provides! Gotta start back at it
    Sweet treat – Fro yo with too many sprinkles
    Sometimes I eat diff meals than the BF, most times I find a way to modify/healthify what he’s eating to suit my individual needs.
    What is your favorite adult bevvie? Mimosas, all day everyday!

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  3. 1. tie between planks and squats
    2. benefit boing
    3. my height!
    4. there are too many i like! but I do love pandora workout stations!
    5. i have to agree with the gal who posted above … mountain climbers. I love the results of doing them but hate the process to get the results!
    6. oatmeal and/or strawberry banana smoothie sometimes with blueberries (whatever fruit I have really) with some PB or oatmeal added!
    7. No, I had signed up for one here then became pregnant … have to wait until I am not pregnant anymore 😉 hehe
    8. anything sour! oh and right now a vanilla soft serve from DQ with peanut butter sauce … pregnant guilty pleasure
    9. Mike eats different meals to stay on the healthy track 🙂 hehe i.e. i make him eat what i make!
    10. you got me on this one, I am not creative like you haha oh i have one! what friend do you want to visit and/or visit you? TOUGAS!!!!!!!!

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