This is just going to be one huge cluster fudge of life-things. I feel my lack of socializing (minus small talk with folks at the dog park) has caused me to bottle up quite a few things-not in a bad way, but hot damn do I need to just chat to beings other than my dogs. And Tyler. Not that I don’t love chatting with him, but I’ve now got him choosing my weekly nail polish. I mean…really? Crazy times.

First off, I wanted to share a quick and sweaty AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) workout I threw together last night and busted through this morning. Consider it this week’s Monday Moves post! Best part is that no equipment is necessary! Ok, maybe a stopwatch.



Last night while Tyler was a football practice, I searched YouTube for a cardio workout to follow. I found a 40 minute Kickboxing video that was pretty decent- yet it cut off with three minutes remaining! So I made up the rest, fell to the floor, and did some abs.

On Sunday, we cleaned the house. By ‘house’ I mean the living room, dining room, hallways, bathrooms and master bedroom. Not even the kitchen or the basement or the guest bedrooms. We managed to go through 2 ENTIRE rolls of paper towels, and a whole dispenser of clorox wipes. I suppose I should mention that I managed to knock over one of the surround sound speakers (and broke it) and knocked over a BRAND NEW full container of laundry detergent…Costco size. So technically, I guess we did clean the basement floor.

We bought our wedding bands this weekend as well. It was easy to pick mine- since it was the matching band with my engagement ring. It took Tyler 5 minutes to pick his.. boys and their jewelry. 5 minutes to pick out something he will wear for the rest of his life?! Craziness.

My puppies are so spoiled. Not only do they take advantage of me and get up about 35209 times a night for pets and kisses and potty breaks and food, but they also get to relax on the leather couches, rather than their little beddies.





Mozz is usually the cheese of choice for pizzas, but guys, I made one this weekend with 1/2 mozz and 1/2 gouda and DANG. That’s all I have to say.



I’m entirely too excited to see this movie:

Don’t Drink and Internet. I can EASILY list a crap-ton of things I’ve internetted while drunk, and it’s pretty scary. However, the best drunk internet thing I did was to randomly book a trip to Calgary for the Stampede where I ended up meeting the man of my life. Bad internet decisions include:, liking random peoples facebook statuses, and well…i’ll stop there.

I need to make these. Ok, I don’t NEED to, but I want to. Only problem is that we hardly ever have bread laying around the house. The only time I ever buy it is for dinner sandwiches and I buy the super small loaves that leave only the ends (which the dogs get).

I want to make these too.

Does anyone watch Kitchen Nightmares? I catch it once in a while, but missed what is probably the most epic episode over. Check out these crazies!

I NEEEEEEED this necklace

Imagecrappy small pic, I know. But BaubleBar is my new favorite jewlery site and I can’t wait to start working so I can buy just about everything they have.

And that’s all for now. I sitting on the floor typing this up, and my feet/legs have officially fallen asleep. Time for a quick yoga session then off to the gym for some cardio!

Exercise and Eats: Week of 5/20

Checking in for a quick recap of last week’s eats and workouts before heading back to relax on ye olde COUCH. No Monday Moves post today—it will be posted TOMORROW since today was a holiday and Tyler and I did not do a god dang thing. And I’m tired. So those are my two legit excuses.

Last week’s eats:

Monday: Gazpacho and Grilled Cheese


Tuesday: Chicken Sausage, baked beans and chopped salad


Wednesday: Brewmaster’s Dinner at Candela (more on that in this week’s Winesday Wednesday post)


Thursday: No Yolk noodles with sausage, mushrooms, zucchini and marinara


Friday: Homemade Pizza!


On tap for this week:

  • Monday: (Still haven’t eaten at the time I wrote the post, so I’m letting Tyler decide when he gets home from Football)
  • Tuesday: Burgers
  • Wednesday: Chicken Salad
  • Thursday: Turkey Tacos
  • Friday: Homemade Pizza or BBQ

Onto the exercise bizznazz. From last week:

  • Sun, 5/12: River walk with pups, LOTS of yard/house work
  • Mon, 5/13: 65 min YOGA, BBB Strength Workout A
  • Tues, 5/14: 60 30 min run


  • Wed, 5/15: BBB Strength Workout B, 30 min spin, 10 min row


  • Thurs, 5/16: Run, abs


  • Fri, 5/17: BBB Strength Workout C, Drop Set Workout, 20 min spin, walk with pups


  • Sat, 5/18: TBA rest

For this week:

  • Sun, 5/19: HOUSEWORK. I scrubbed, polished, washed, dusted, vacuumed, shined, cleared, organizes, you name it. WOOF
  • Mon, 5/20: 40 min at-home Cardio Kickboxing workout (found on YouTube), abs
  • Tues, 5/21: 40 min run, Best Body Bootcamp Strength Workout A
  • Wed, 5/22: BBB Strength Workout B, 30 min spin, 10 min row
  • Thurs, 5/23: Run, at-home yoga
  • Fri, 5/24: Drop Set Workout, 20 min spin, abs
  • Sat, 5/25: TBA

Question: Any good eats lately? Favorite workout? I wanna know!!

Story Time! (Lip Syncing)

Consider this more of a Friday night rant. It will be enjoyable. I hope. If not, see you next post!

Does anyone here watch Jimmy Fallon? I am in love with his show- I think he’s hilarious and comes up with some great skits and games that really make me look forward to each show- regardless of who the guests are! Anyways, did anyone watch the episode last week with John Krasinski? I’ll humor you with a clip from what John and Jimmy did…..LIP-SYNCING!!!!

Yes. I laughed a lot. To the point of tears because it was so hilarious. And it reminded me of my lip-syncing days. The elementary school I attended in Southern California was a private (Catholic) school that hand an annual lip-sync event. To the best of my memory, it was probably the most exciting thing that all the kids looked forward to each year. 

Here’s the kicker—they made us try out. And a lot of kids wouldn’t make the cut. Talk about a kick in the pants to a group of pre-schoolers whose parents really wanted to get video of their kids lip syncing the hokey pokey–and would never get the chance.

So here’s where my experience kicked in. I made it. ONLY ONCE. It was kindergarten and there was a big group of us that lip synced Splish Splash. I remember I wore a white and pink polka dot skirt and did the Twist for the entirety of the song. I really only have that on VHS so there’s no way in hell you guys can ever see that.

First grade: didn’t make it. We tried to do a song from the musical CATS

Third Grade: didn’t make it. I don’t remember the song, but it was something somewhat religious (our parents thought that would make us a shoe-in at a CATHOLIC school). And we had to wear jeans and I almost kicked my mother because I DID NOT want to wear jeans. 

Ah, and here is where I have a picture to share with you. Second Grade. Me and my two friends, Tess and Cassie, decided to do a Mary Kate & Ashley Song. Here’s what the song was:

Called ‘No One Tells The President.’ Aka: Clinton Administration.

Well that dates myself. Back to the time when the Michelle Tanners were making music videos. I was addicted to their jams. My other top fave was ‘Brother for Sale.’ Please tell me someone else knows these tunes.

We didn’t make it that year. Here is us looking pretty dejected after our try-out:



I’m in the red shorts. The ones that are pulled up higher than necessary (they were AYSO shorts from soccer. Again, anyone remember that?!) And I remember I helped my mom make the shirts. I am so DIY savvy.

I moved the summer after third grade to yet ANOTHER Catholic school- this time in Northern California. They didn’t have Lip-Sync Concerts, but they did have Wheel-a-thons and St. Francis of Assisi day where you could bring in your pets to get blessed.

If you like this story, please let me know because I have about a half billion others from my silly silly upbringing. Like these:

  • The time I made up a song about face wash at a Girl Scout camping trip
  • The time I had a halloween party at my house and we thought we’d be sneaky and play spin the bottle with a mustard bottle, but my dog stole the bottle and ended up trailing yellow throughout the house.
  • The time I wore a plaid shirt, khaki pants and Airwalk shoes to a school dance and no one would dance with me (ok, maybe that was about 2 or 3 times)
  • The time I used to pull my school sweater over my head during recess so that Julie and Erica would be my friends. They never did become my friends, but Julie gave me a Cayola crayon holder for my birthday one year.

I had a really awkward childhood. Which is great because now I can tell you ALL about it. Have a good weekend!

Winesday Wednesday: 5/14

Happy Winesday Wednesday, everyone!


I hope you guys are having a good week so far (if not, drink more wine!) I am in the final stages of the interview process for a job, so I have been sitting at the edge of my seat just waiting to hear back. I’m going to jump right into this week’s submissions and butt in for anything random that pops into my head while doing so. (Did anyone else ever have to do that for English or Creative Writing classes? Just write any and everything that flows through your brain for a specific period of time? I did for a senior year elective- we were instructed to write in our composition books each day for five minutes on anything that came to our heads. Well, one day I was in a bad mood, so I basically wrote the F-word over and over again for the whole five minutes. And my professor was a monk- so that was awkward.)

Keith, who blogs at wrote in the following:

This Barolo was bottled in August 2008 so it’s coming up on 5 years. This is what 5 years of dust looks like. Dust and wine bottles go together. When it was only a couple years old it was very much an up in your face wine. There was a big bold taste that went with the spiciest of marinades. So today I paired it up with some barbecued Beef Tenderloin in a marinade with a bunch of Mama Africa spice. It went very well. The wine has mellowed a bit, being merely strong and assertive, with some of the ruffty tuffty corners knocked off. There’s a bit of black currants (which I hate) and other dark fruit (blackberries, plums, blueberries, prunes) here, and a hint of raspberry sweetness. This was a Mondial kit, meaning all juice. It takes these a long time to come into their own. If you can’t stand seeing a bit of sediment on the side, and don’t have the patience to wait years for it to ripen, don’t get this kit.



For Keith, that’s 5 years of dust collecting. For our house, that’s about 3 days worth of dust. No lie. We are planning a HUGE all over house cleaning this weekend and I expect to fill at least 2 garbage bags with dust, lint and dog hair. Gross.

Katie, who blogs at celebrated QUITTING HER JOB with some fine $3 wine! Methinks from her latest post that she is pursuing training? HOLLA ATCHA GIRL- that’s exactly what I aspire to do one day!



When I was younger, I ALWAYS wanted to have my own cinnamon bun shop. Now, I would kill to just train or do anything fitness-related. So my now-fantasy is having a cinnamon bun shop in the front and gym in the back. So I can fatten people up, then slim them down. Haha I am so clever. Or dumb.

Nicole, who blogs at had Sir Perry Pear Cider! I actually tried this about a month or so ago and it’s pretty tasty- especially when it’s ICE COLD.



Not that this has anything to do with pear cider, but I remember one of the first times i visited Canada I was passed a can of Palm Bay. I was all WTF is this. And they were all IT’S SO GOOD AND YOU’LL GET DRUNK! So of course, I chugged it. Should’ve read the can- it’s a VODKA COOLER…IN A CAN. I was in love love love with that stuff. Then I barfed a lot and haven’t had it since.

My best friend Kristin (I think I might be the only person left who still calls her Kysha?) made FANCY margaritas!



The recipe: 1 oz agave nectar, 2 oz tequila and fresh squeezed lime to taste.

Dang, I want one. Speaking of margaritas, I like them a lot. And so does Tyler. I mean…HELLO COSTCO TEQUILA:



Last weekend, we amped them up with raspberries (I called it my antioxidant beverage)



I am STILL on the hunt for super huge margarita glasses so we can throw an upside-down Corona in those suckers. 

Michael submitted another awesome beer for this week. He wrote: Long Strange tripel from Missouri. Arguably one of the best tripels NOT made in Belgium nor by monks. That makes me laugh, since the college I went to was run by monks. I’m not kidding. 



My friend Ashley sent me a pic from when she went to a BACON AND BEER festival. Um, I lived in Boston without knowing that existed? I’m ashamed. And jealous!


My mom drinks margaritas with a fake goose. Her name is Moddy.



That’s not random, either. When I was really young and living in Irvine, CA we used to go to the park that was right next to the library. The park had one of those big ponds with the ugly water feature in the middle and you couldn’t really picnic there because of all the ducks and geese and poop. But anyways, there were two immaculately white geese that my mom had named Helen and Moddy because they were asshole geese (we fed them anyways). My understanding is that my mom named them after two of her Aunts- so we can all guess how THOSE ladies must’ve been. So when my mom found these big clay geese somewhere a LONG time ago, she bought them and painted them and put them in the backyard and named them Helen and Moddy.

Gotta wrap it up for this week, I have to get ready for the Big Rock Brewery’s Brewmaster’s Dinner tonight!

Monday Moves #6

Holy Canoli, I can’t believe it’s already week 6 of this series! I hope these posts are sparking ideas for your workouts and/or reminding you of moves you might not have done in a while. Let me know if you’d like me to post specific exercises….and I might actually do it.

So, yeah, I’ve got FOUR moves for you guys this week. Fancy fancy.




– Lie on your back, with your feet planted on the ground.

– Raise your hips up in the air

-Keeping your hips high, drive your right knee to your chest.

-Bring your right knee back to starting position, and repeat the same with your left knee. Keep your hips high throughout the exercise.




-Start with feet together, dumbbell in left hand at shoulder height.

-Step back with your right foot into a reverse lunge.

-Come back to starting position. Repeat desired reps and do the same with opposite leg and weight in right arm.




-Holding a weight in each hand, allow the left arm to hold the weight at your side, and the right arm to hold the weight with your elbow at a 90 degree angle.

-Keeping the weight in your right arm still, perform a full bicep curl with your left arm. Continue until you complete desired number of reps and repeat with the opposite hand.




-Start by laying on your side, feet stacked. You can prop your head up with your bottom arm.

-Hold weight in top hand, with palm down. As your raise your arm up to its fully extended position, rotate the wrist so that is facing away from you.

-Bring the weight back down to your side, again rotating the weight back to starting position.


Like I said, fancy fancy. And now I must wait for my nails to dry and go to bed. Tomorrow is my final interview which will hopefully end up in the job offer! Fingers crossed (after they dry, of course).

Question: Favorite exercise lately? What’s the last workout that made you sore??