Here’s my random workout…

Here’s my random workout for the day. I really wanted to get in more cardio than the stuff I could do on my own, but there weren’t any open machines (really, its like no one in Calgary works. they all just go to the Y all day and hog the machines).

Jumping jack/plank jack tabata
Here, I did 20 seconds of jumping jacks, 10 seconds rest, 20 seconds plank jacks, 10 seconds rest. I repeated that series 4 times.

Bosu Squats/Lunges tabata
Left foot on the Bosu ball for 20 squats, rest for 10 seconds, left foot on the bosu for 20 forward lunges, rest 10 seconds. Repeat that 2 times, then do two full sets with the right foot on the bosu.

Jump Rope/Mountain Climber Tabata
Jump rope for 20 seconds, rest for 10, 20 seconds of mountain climbers, rest for ten. Repeat set 4 times.

Toe Reach/Single Leg lift Tabata
On the floor on your back with feet in the air over your hips, reaching your fingertips to your toes and getting yours shoulder blades off the floor for 20 seconds, rest for 10, both legs still in the air, left leg stays put and lowering and raising the right leg for 20 seconds, rest for ten. Repeat 4 times. (After two rounds, switch to left single leg lift)

Swiss ball rollouts 3 sets of 12

Jacknife and pikes (alternating between the two, but ultimately completing 2 sets of 12 for each)



Concentrated Bicep curls: one arm at a time, all the way up and all the way down for 12, then all the way down and halfway up for 8, another rep of 12 to finish. switch to other arm.

Triceps: 12 full motion, pulse halfway for 20 seconds, another 8 full motion

Repeat the bicep curl, except change the second half to all the way up and halfway down for the 8. Another set of Triceps.

Chest press/fly combo:
8 Chest presses, 8 fly, the combine every other for a set of 16.

Weighted split Squats: 16 each side, hold the last for 20 seconds

Tabata High Knees/Alternating Front kicks:
Run with high knees for 20 seconds, rest for 10, standing alternating front kicks for 20 seconds, rest for 10. Repeat 4 times.

I finished my random workout with more plank holds, crunches, hip raises and side crunches on the stability ball.

Not too shabby. If you have any questions, let me know!!! (I ammmmmmm a certified personal trainer! ;))

And dinner DID include BAAAAAAAAAA-CONNNNNNNN (I totally just Oprah-style yelled that in my head. Laugh with me if you know how that sounded)

Bacon, onion, mush and pep ‘dang ques-a-DILL-a’ accompanied with a spinach salad.

So, my FAVORITE MAKEUP OF ALL TIME is Benefit. I rarely get to buy it because it’s mucho expensivo, but sometimes I splurge (also included in the splurge category: lululemon, anything chocolate, and wine) Anyhoo…Benefit is sold in drug stores here. DRUG STORES, PEOPLE. Still expensive, but much more convenient. I am peeing my pants at the thought that I can round the corner and pick me up a new Bad Gal Lash and Erase Paste.


Ah, sigh.

What do you guys splurge on?

One thought on “Here’s my random workout…

  1. Just thought of a way you could earn some $$$. As an “ONLINE PT”!! I mean, I would so pay money for personal guidance, custom work out plan (to fit my very soon to be hectic schedule) and healthy meal plans/ best supplements — all age appropriate of course! Think about it. The hardest part would be prices and how to pay you — deposit into a USA/ Canadian bank account? Let me know.

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