Let’s talk about more…

Let’s talk about more things we-no-likey about Canada. (I like Canada, I love it, even. I’m just poking fun. So don’t deport me, please.)
1)They spell things wrong. It’s fiber, not fibre; color, not colour; favorite, not favourite. I could go on and not. Also, I have to go to the restroom, not the washroom. I’m not washing anything. I like to go there to rest. So, say it right.
2)MTV canada really is MTV canada..like their episodes of Cribs? Um, I have no idea who these people are. I watched an episode, and I’m all ‘why is this lady showing us some big-*ss house? Oh, it’s hers? Why does MTV want us to see it?’ Haha, and guess what? She’s an Olympic hockey player. Should’ve known.
3) Every time I buy something, even at restaurants, people ask if I have air miles. No. I still don’t know what they are. Nor do I care to know. Because I’m too poor to ever buy enough stuff to accumulate enough of said miles for them to be useful.

Why is this post so void of useful information, you ask? Well, because I haven’t done much since my last post OTHER THAN BUY THE HUNGER GAMES.

Crap, I finally fell for one of these book series schemes. I’ll be sure to review once I’m done. At that point, you may choose whether or not you’d like to continue reading my blog. haha. Seriously, keep reading it though. Thanks.

Look at this lazy bum.

I spare you, dear reader, of my unfortunate appearance, as I was similarly laying next to her. Good thing I know how to use the crop tool.

Off to the gym! Must burn all those calories before I drink them tonight. I mean, whaaaa?

Looking for input. Help me decide, please.
Anyone have good/easy drinks recipes?


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