Flurry Monday

And a happy snow day to you, my dear friends. It is a glorious 0 degrees here in Calgary this a.m. and I am ready to get this week going!

But first, I will show you what I threw together for dinner last night (to be consumed while watching The Amazing Race. While we’re on that topic, I hate the green team. Ok, no, I seriously don’t like the girl on the green team. And the Kentucky boys are HILAR) That said, dinner was basmati rice toped with garlicky sauteed spinach and chopped chicken sausage. Yum!

After The Amazing Race, we decided to watch The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Holy balls is that a crazy movie. Slow and twisted, but really good. Now I can see why I had a hard time getting into the book. There are so many different characters to remember and how they are connected to each other. Woof!

After watching that and 12 episodes of The Walking Dead the night before, I had some crazy bizarre dreams last night. I need to stop doing that to myself!

B-fast this am was a couple leftover banana chia muffins with a scoop of pb and some scrambled eggs.

After adequate digestion time, I decided to get started on my fitness for the day.

Dont’ I look intense? The answer is YES.

I decided to once again turn to Pinterest for some inspiration. You know, change it up a bit. Keep me from having to get creative. I came across a workout I have done a few times before, and I thought it would be perfect for a Monday morning pre-workout workout.

Source: indulgy.com via Rose on Pinterest


I did that 3x through, then did the same stability ball ab routine I posted yesterday. I had a little interruption here and there when my separation-anxiety ridden dog decided to ass-plant on my mat. Doing crunches with her there was like playing peek-a-boo with a baby. I’d extend back, and she’d cock her head to see where I went, then I’d contract back up and her neck would jolt back. It’s comedy hour at my house this morning. We’re a funny little team in this house.

I just wanted to get this all jotted down before I really get my day going. Lots to do today!

  • YMCA for cardio and weights
  • walk with Layla
  • Paint my nails (yay! Jen squeals with joy! The move and crap weather have wreaked havoc on my precious digits)
  • Come up with an amazeballs dinner (I’m domestic like that.)
  • Paint! (Will it ever be done??!)
  • Costco (Yesssssssss. Mama needs a big ol’ jar of almond butter, and almond milk by the gallons, and economy bags of brussel sprouts and strawbs and…..)

Ok, I guess that really isn’t a whole lot, but for this gal, it’s the mecca of all daily schedules right now.

Off to the gym! 

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